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Train With A Purpose In Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes

Are you ready for a heart-racing workout that will leave you feeling fitter and more accomplished than ever before? 

Then let's get started.

Our GloryFit Fitness Kickboxing Classes at Glory MMA & Fitness offer high-energy workouts that are constantly changing to keep you on your toes. And with 22 (!) classes offered each week, you'll always find a time that works for your schedule.

Join us in Kansas City and see it for yourself.Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started!

How Does Our Fitness Kickboxing System Workout?

GloryFit is a 45-minute workout that keeps you moving from start to finish. We have combined the best aspects of striking and self-defense with high-energy cardiovascular workouts. You can learn to strike with power, speed, and accuracy - all while pushing your body through an incredible workout. 

Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes are great for men and women across Kansas City and beyond. No prior experience is required. You can quickly build:

  • Lean muscle gains
  • Speed, power, and agility
  • Sustainable fat burn
  • Total-body toning 

And We'll Help You Stay Motivated Like Never Before

What has held you back in the past? Boredom or a lack of results? At Glory MMA & Fitness, you don't have to worry about either. Our GloryFit Classes are designed to keep you on your toes. No more falling into a dull routine. No more dreading your workout.

Join us for the best Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Kansas City and enjoy:

  • Boosted energy levels in your everyday life
  • Reduced stress and improved focus 
  • Better sleep patterns

Take The First Step Today! Learn More About Our Fitness Kickboxing In Kansas City

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer here at Glory MMA & Fitness. We're helping everyday men and women find success and we're doing it with a support system like no other.

Take on the challenge today. Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about our Fitness Kickboxing and everything else we have to offer in Kansas City!

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